In Castille, Spain, in 1169, Felix Guzman and Joanna Aza conceived a child.  One night, when Joanna was pregnate, she had an incredible dream.  She saw a dog running with a torch in its mouth. Joanna was a very pious woman and was shocked by this strange dream.  She went to a local monestary and asked the monks to interpret the dream.  They said that the torch represented the Word of God and that her son would carry that message throughout the world.

In 1170, Dominic was born.  He had a nice childhood.  His parents were noble and wise.  They were also very wealthy and could afford a good education for their son.  When Dominic was young he was a very good student of religion.  When he grew older he moved to Palencia, Spain, to continue his education. 

In Palencia he encountered many poor people.  While he was in school a terrible famine struck and many of the poor people died of hunger.  Dominic sold everything he owned in order to feed the poor, including his expensive school books.  When his fellow students were surprised, he replied: "Would you have me study dead skins, when living skins are dying of hunger?"